Purpose and Paycheck

Yes, I realize this is old school.

Yes, I realize this is old school.

How rare is it to really enjoy your job? Your everyday meat and potatoes job?

Today was a fine day, a good day. It could have been better if it were Friday, but a good day nonetheless. In my afternoon classes I made the judgement call to not instruct the entire class on how to format a paper because, hello, 8th hour + 32 6th graders + technology = everyone yelling my name because they missed step two and THE WORLD IS ENDING RIGHT NOW PAY ATTENTION TO ME HELP ME!

So, what happened was this : me running around for two hours saying the same directions 62 times. Which was fine. Again, judgement call, all on me. But still, I found myself getting frustrated and tired. It occurred to me as I said “double click, Times New Roman, size twelve, no, not hot pink font, no, double space, yes, that, no, go back, see that thingy, yes, that, click that, now SAVE. SAVE!” for the umpteenth time that it’s really rare for me to get bothered or frustrated when at work.

Last year? All the time. Last year was also year one of teaching, and I had a whole lot of learning to do about everything. Looking back it feels like everyday there was a part of my brain yelling, pull the chute, pull the chute, PULL THE FREAKING CHUTE AND GET OUT and I’d always be all the way to frazzled on the Nancy Meter. This year? It’s a cakewalk. So much easier. So much, in fact, that hardly anything gets me frazzled.

I’m really lucky to have a paid job that is, without a doubt, the only thing I have ever wanted to do and will likely ever do. A lot of my personal purpose is tied up in my job and I’m fortunate that I always knew what that purpose was and how I could go about getting paid to do what I love. Find college. Check. Apply to School of Ed. Check. Do lots of reading and observing. Check. Student Teach. Check. Big ‘ol portfolio that nearly kills me. Check and teaching license. Find job. Check and BOOM.

I wonder though, how many people actually have that and can really pursue that purposeful employment opportunity? Is it likely for a majority of people to get paid to do what they love?

I’ve also been thinking about this lately, because Chris is starting his own company, which is awesome, and I wonder how many people out there choose to create their own employment opportunities to pursue what they love.


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