Writing and Forgetting

I forgot, again, that I have this thing. And it’s been so long that WordPress and I have hung out that I had trouble finding the most simple of things. (How in the hell do I change that 6 year old picture, I muttered to the empty living room.)

Every now and again I get that itch to write. I’m a teacher now and sometimes I think, oh, man, these kids are hilarious and I have a decent sense of humor! I should actively try to tell these stories! But I never get past posting little snippets on facebook. I wish I could just DO IT, but I don’t think I have the energy or the desire to keep up any of my numerous websites. I have no less than 4 separate tumblr pages (personas?). Indie kid (oops, too old for kid. So, Former Indie Kid, then), half-assed funny teacher tumblr, and music tumblr, and then one that I never decided to do anything with because MY GOD, WOMAN, THREE IS PLENTY.

I used to post sad indie kid things here, but, you know, I’m like, all grown up and not sad about, uh, anything anymore. Life is good. Really good. So, as usual, I’m in the mood to write but I have no clear purpose or reason to write anything. No audience, no schtick.

I kind of miss those days when I had an internet persona. I used to write elsewhere and I had a pretty big following. Well, it’s the internet so that’s a lie. It felt like a pretty big following to me, but in reality it was nothing. I also used to run a cooking blog and I like to say I got locally famous for a week on that. That was pretty fun but, uhg, cooking and filming, and editing, and then posting it just takes forever and no thank you I have to go grade 60 6th grade essays.

But I miss the process of writing a lot. I’ve been reading more this year and it’s created this very dull longing to write again and since I don’t really have a clear purposeful outlet, I end up writing on here once or twice a year about how I keep forgetting that I still have this thing. Ah, well, at least I got to type a bit of my brain all logically out today. That will have to do for now.

Now, can someone remind me how to change the header picture? Great. Thanks.


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