The Flu and Going Crazy

I forgot I had this blog, but today, in a fit of dear-sweet-baby-jesus-if-I-spend-one-more-second-in-bed-with-this-bubonic-flu-I-will-literally-rip-the-world-in-two kind of manic search for something to do… I remembered that I once blogged and no one read it. Which is nice. There is great comfort in organizing one’s thoughts and using a blog is a nice perk for someone like me who refuses to admit that she has problems with disorganization.  (“I don’t have a problem! I don’t!” she said as one of her many stacks of papers toppled over.)

Today I wanted to write. Well, honestly, this week I wanted to paint, but unfortunately the flu took my spring break and swung it around by its ankles and laughed manically as I tried to right it and recover. 5 days later the fever has finally broken, just in time to have a whole weekend to do everything that I wanted to do over 5 days! Fantastic! But Today I was vibrating with stir crazy and that’s never when I want to paint and all the thoughts in my head needed a direction and that’s how I found you, dear blog.

I’m about to look through my old posts and laugh, because I know I’m going to sound like a sad, hipster indie kid, which, in many ways, I was and still down buried underneath, I have the tendency. But after I read, I am going to tell a story about change, because it is the best kind of happening that has happened to me so far in 24 years and I want to write it, if only this once.


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