the world before

parks  on cool spring evenings, portland when it’s raining, a new book, a coffeehouse at night, 7 am and its shadows and summer light, walking in the rain, driving with the windows down on quiet nights, bleach and chlorine and swim caps, sitting on a porch in a thunderstorm, arizona sunrises, sharing music, swinging, walking around your hip downtown, sushi, finding things to take pictures of, listening to you play guitar, broken social scene in your car, taking walks, sidewalk chalk, sketching in a corner, the mountains in the morning, the desert in the evening, rocky beaches, Seattle in the summertime, Overcast Alaska, acrylic paint on my fingers, converse shoes, unfilled sketchbooks, notes in margins, driving home at night, sprinklers, tree climbing, art fairs, lemonade, watching it snow, Montana sky, my grandma’s perfume, the first time we drank coffee, the time you tried to kiss me, wind chimes, ponds, ivy, music stores, prayer flags and incense, buttons, empty glass jars, blue houses, empty hallways, framing pictures, hammocks, balancing on fences, trespassing where we shouldn’t, waiting to see you, the anticipation before I did,

the world before it got so big.


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